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Accounting and Tax Fees

Accounting and Tax Fees for Medical and Healthcare Practitioners

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We offer a first year discount for newly qualified practitioners. This is for those who have just completed their training or are starting a practice for the first time.

Our services are for sole practitioners, locum, associate and contracting medical and healthcare professionals.

We particularly welcome newly qualified practitioners and offer lots of guidance through the important early days of setting up the business correctly.

Self Employed

If you are Self Employed, our fees are typically £40 per month for accounting and tax services, payable monthly concurrent with the tax year. Fees may vary if your income is more complex, eg. investments and property letting. There is a first year discount on these fees for newly qualified practitioners, so the standard rate in the first year is just £35.00 per month for accounting and tax services, if you start with us soon after the beginning of the tax year, so May to April following.

Limited Companies

Our monthly fees for Limited Companies are shown on the right of this page in the blue box. There is a first year discount on these fees for newly qualified practitioners, so the standard rate in the first year is just £70.00 per month for company accounting and tax services (excludes self assessment, payroll and VAT), if you start with us soon after the beginning of the company's accounting year.

Self Employment Tax Returns

We will prepare your accounts and tax return, and file your Self Assessment with HMRC.

We offer a free spreadsheet for bookkeeping.

Limited Company Fees

Limited Companies have additional accounting and tax regulations, which take more time, and is why the accounting and tax service fees are higher than for Self Employed people.

Our standard fees are on the right of this web page.

We can form a Limited Company for you, free of charge, and complete the registrations with Companies House and HMRC. This is subject to the condition of an annual contract to include Accounts & Tax filing, PAYE and Self Assessment, and the first instalment being paid in advance.

We will also supply you with our free spreadsheet to record your fees and expenses, which produces a Profit & Loss Account and Trial Balance and a running estimate of Corporation Tax payable.

During the year we will process your salary and dividend payments, and at the Year End we will file your company accounts and tax, and your personal Self Assessment.

Bookkeeping & Bookkeeping Support - Limited Companies

We offer a free spreadsheet for bookkeeping, however we find that most people require bookkeeping training in the first year for limited companies.

The monthly plan includes bookkeeping support (but not training). Typically we find that clients are able to keep good records, but will need training in the first year.

We strongly recommend the bookkeeping training - we offer a 1 hour training arrangement for £95.00, which includes email and telephone training.

For basic transactions, eg. your fee invoices and expense claims, the additional bookkeeping service is unlikely to be necessary after the first year.

If we do all the bookkeeping for you, it will be on the HMRC and ICAEW approved QuickBooks software, and we will supply you with the reports which you need.

If you would like to keep your own records on the popular online software, eg. QuickBooks Online or FreeAgent, we can set this up for you and invoice you directly.

Software & Apps

With the right software, a considerable amount of the accounting and administration burden can be eased.

The new breed of online accounting software, together with additional apps, are available on PC, Mac, tablet and smart phone, enabling online access to update your records, raise sales invoices, check reports, file VAT Returns and manage PAYE/Payroll.

We support both FreeAgent and QuickBooks Online

We also offer a free spreadsheet already set up for your record keeping.

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Paul Ainsworth is a Chartered Accountant from a healthcare practice family.

Paul's grandfather and uncles were Osteopaths and Naturopaths.

We understand the contractual arrangements, together with the accounting and tax implications for independent practitioners.

We will help you through the accounting, bookkeeping and tax stages of setting up your practice, either as a Limited Company or Self-Employed.

We will file your accounts and tax returns in good time.

Special Offer to
Graduates and Newly Qualified

Discount on accounting fees for the
first year of business
for Self Employed

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Our Typical Monthly Fees for Self Employed Healthcare Professionals
We are not VAT registered

Typical Monthly Fees
June to May


Self Employed Accounts
 Preparation of Accounts
 from your well kept records

Self Assessment
 Filing Self Assessment
 with HMRC (1)


Free accounting spreadsheet - no need for online accounting software

Note: Presuming no other complex income eg. property letting

Online Software

Additional Bookkeeping Services
 From (per hour)


Our Typical Monthly Fees for a
Healthcare Professional Limited Company
We are not VAT Registered

Estimate based on one Shareholder / Director

Typical Monthly Fees


Statutory Accounts & Corporation Tax
 Preparation and filing
 Based on well kept records

PAYE / Payroll
 Monthly RTI
 Final Y/E submission
 One person

Dividend Accounting & Legal
 Completion of Dividend
 and legal requirements

Self Assessment
  Salary and Dividend
  Planning (note 1)


Note 1: Based on
Single shareholder/director
UK Tax Returns

Additional Director / Shareholder   30.00

Online Software

Additional Bookkeeping Services
 From (per hour)