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Change Management

Business change management is a challenging and rewarding process.

Changing the way that a business operates inevitably involves changes to the computer and administration processes.

Paul Ainsworth spent 20 years in commerce and industry, as Chief Accountant, Financial Controller and Finance and Administration Director, in a variety of manufacturing and service industries.

A significant part of this time was spent in direct project management of computer systems change.

Systems change includes:

• Analysis of requirements
• Consulting with management and staff
• Selection of new systems
• Document management design
• Implementation
• Staff training
• Post-implementation review

Systems review and change can be a very effective way of examining the daily businesses processes in order to:

• Save costs
• Improve reporting
• Increase output
• Absorb staff losses
• Reduce business space
• Speed up decisions

Please contact us if you are considering a systems change, or a recent change has not achieved its objectives.

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