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Bookkeeping Services.

Special Bookkeeping Rate

We currently have a bookkeeping special offer of £10.00 + VAT per hour for Sole Traders or single Shareholder/Director Limited Companies.

Our Bookkeeping Service will take your business records right up to the Year End Accounts stage, and should save you money for the annual accounts and Tax preparation.

We also believe that your accounts should be prepared for your own benefit, and we will help you understand your accounts.

We also offer a home/business collection service to pick up and return records regularly.

We recommend 'easy-to-use' Accounting Software to help you keep good records.

Bookkeeping Fees

Please our Accounting and Bookkeeping Fees webpage.

Good Bookkeeping

Good business records will tell you how much money you owe and how much is owed to you. With additional accounting techniques your records should tell you how much Profit you have made and estimate how much Tax you owe.

We can always help you with this.

Bookkeeping Choices

It's a tough decision for a small business to decide how much time to spend on record keeping. It's difficult to value your working time. Often the business admin encroaches on your personal time, which is also hard to value.

Our approach is to work with you and divide up the time between us. Many people in small businesses want to do their own bookkeeping, but also need a little support.

We use FreeAgent or QuickBooks Online to help you from a distance - sometimes ten minutes is all it takes to help you through something that you haven't done before.

With the right training, your good bookkeeping should save on your annual accounts fee.

Should you use software?

Good business software will save you a lot of time and give you valuable reports.

If you use FreeAgent or QuickBooks Online we will always be able to dial into your records to help and make changes where necessary.

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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online  (QBO) is the internet version of QuickBooks.

QBO allows you to access your business records anywhere you have internet access.

This has the advantage that we can help and support you through your record keeping.

For business people regularly on the move, QBO is valuable and time saving software.