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Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

QuickBooks is easy to use and easy to learn. It's the first step up from spreadsheets.


Excel has many uses including Bookkeeping and Reporting. If you prefer Excel, we can train you and will give you our free spreadsheets.

QuickBooks Online is designed brilliantly for business people who want to access their business records online.

FreeAgent is popular online software for contractors and freelancers for managing books and invoicing.

Choosing the right software for you

Accounting Software plays a big part in modern businesses.
Choosing the right one is critical.

The right software can:
• Save you time
• Save you money
• Deliver the right reports for decision making
• Meet those tax deadlines
• Save Accounting and Bookkeeping Fees


Many people start off using spreadsheets, which can be very helpful.
To save you the trouble, we provide our clients with free spreasheets which produce:

Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
VAT Summary
CIS Summary

Desk Top / PC Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

There some very good and relatively easier to use PC based accounting software. In particular we recommend QuickBooks Desktop.

Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

Online software for business records is becoming increasingly popular.

The key advantages are:
• Accessible anywhere with internet connection
• Accessible on most devices including PCs, MACs, Tablets and Smartphones
• Permanently backed up
• Software updates are automatic
• Your accountants can sign on from their office to review your bookkeeping and help you
• Manageable monthly fees
• Most will handle PAYE/Payroll and VAT

We particularly recommend QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent.


We know that some people prefer to keep their own business records, and that others would like the bookkeeping done for them, so that they are free to concentrate on their business.

Whether you are a “help me do it for myself” or “do it for me” we are here to help.

Our Bookkeeping and Administration Service in Preston is for self employed people and small businesses, ensuring that accounting and tax matters are dealt with in the most efficient manner.

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