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What Expenses Can I Claim Against Tax ?

This is a guide to the expenses which businesses can claim against tax

There are separate (but similar) rules for Sole Traders and Limited Companies.

There are similarities in the lists of allowable expenses for Sole Traders and Limited Companies, but there are key differences which can lead to confusion. If in doubt check with your accountant or HMRC.

Sole Traders and Partnerships (Self-Employed)

People who are Self-Employed, but not through a limited company, may claim expenses which are "wholly and exclusively" incurred in the course of the business.

Limited Companies

Limited Companies may claim expenses which are "wholly and exclusively" incurred in the course of business.

Examples of Expenses which you can claim:

• Costs relating to the construction and delivery of products for resale.
• Business premises expenses, including business rates, rents, electricity and gas.
• Office expenses including stationery, postage and computing consumables.
• Marketing expenses including advertising, brochures, business cards.
• Travel expenses away from home, including meals, accommodation and fares, although there are limits.
• Motoring expenses directly for the business including fuel and repairs (there are some "place of business" exceptions to this). However it may be more tax efficient to claim the 45p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter if you are under the VAT threshhold).
• Staff costs, including salaries & wages, most training, clothing which is clearly branded for the business.


• Fines
• Entertaining customers or suppliers
• Private meals
• Mileage to and from "place of business"
• Unbranded clothing
• National Insurance contributions

Capital Items / Fixed Assets

Major expenses items, typically over £500, eg. equipment, computers, vehicles, are classed as "Capital Expenditure" for tax purposes.

They are allowed for taxation as Capital Allowances which is a different system than expenses. The Capital Allowances system changes from year to year, but frequently a business with relatively low value capital purchases, eg. a personal computer, will be able to claim the full cost in the year of purchase.

If you choose the new Cash Basis then many Capital purchases will be allowed as an expense in the year of purchase.

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